Saturday, September 17, 2011

In the Nick of Time

My mom tends to monopolize my time a lot, plus she hogs the computer, so I haven't gotten into a regular blogging schedule like I had hoped to, but I just found out from one of my very favorite bears that his AWESOME blog was DELETED(!) recently, because he hadn't posted in over 90 days, so that made me little nervous, and I thought I better at least check in.

So, how is everybody?

The seasons are changing here from an unusually hot summer to a much nicer fall!  I'm happy about the temperatures, but I don't think the leaves will be as pretty as usual because it has been so dry. The leaves that are already starting to turn seem to be going directly from green to brown without any beautiful reds or yellows in between.

How about where you live? What season are you in? Is the weather nice? I like hearing about other places, so maybe you could tell me about where you live in the comments?  Thanks!


  1. It's beautiful up here in the mountains! Temps are in the low 50s at night and in the 70s during the day. I'm getting all kinds of outdoor chores done while the weather's so nice. I live on a lake and all the Canada Geese are showing up already. The honk like crazy early in the morning and wake me up.

  2. I live in Arkansas USA, its still warm here but some leaves are falling,it will get. cooler in Late Oct -Nov !

  3. I've never been to Arkansas, but I'd like to see it sometime! Do you have pretty leaves there?

    I saw a picture of your house in the north Georgia (USA) mountains, Lj, and it looked AWESOME!

    We had some Canadian geese making a big racket in our neighborhood (near Atlanta, Georgia) yesterday! I guess they must be getting a head start.

  4. Hi there Wilsie, I'm over the pond in sunny Dorset which is in the south of England. We've got it a bit rainy at the moment but we've had an okay summer. Right now we're getting about 16-20oC in the day and it's going down to about 10oC at night, brrrrr. Autumn is on its way and all the leaves are starting to fall off the trees. I'm hoping we get some snow again this winter because I love snow!
    Teagan xx

  5. Teagan! Thanks for posting!!! I hope you get some snow, too, this winter, as I also love snow--and we got more than usual last winter! Sounds a little nippy there for fall already, but if you get some pretty leaves it will be worth it. Just be sure to snuggle up at night. : )