Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabulous Friends

As some of you know, 2010 wasn't a great year at our house. Our humans were dealing with a lot of hard things, and I didn't get to spend as much time online as I like to. This year has been much better, and I've been back on Facebook more, but only in the past few days have I spent much time on Twitter again.

Some of my Twitter friends are also Facebook friends, so I almost forgot how many aren't. Then, last night, a bunch of my friends that I haven't seen in forever were on Twitter all at the same time, and it was SOOOOO awesome! I could hardly keep up with all the great conversations. There were pictures and videos to look at, and friends had been on trips and done all sorts of cool things since the last time I talked to them! Of course, there was some hard stuff, too. I learned about friends who are struggling or who have passed over the rainbow bridge in the last year. But even in the hard times--especially in the hard times--what an encouragement to have supportive friends (furry or otherwise).

Friends are SO important. It's sad that sometimes when we need them the very most is when it's hardest to find time to be with them. When I joined Twitter, I never dreamed that I would meet so many wonderful anipals! I counted up one time, and I have Twitter friends in something like a dozen different countries--maybe more. That's AMAZING!!!

A lot of people make fun of social media, and I know it has problems, but it also has incredible benefits, and the best one of all is the friends. Even if you are stuck inside or live in a remote place, you can make friends on Twitter and Facebook and share stuff that is important to you. Sure, it takes time, and you have to be careful about that. Yes, people sometimes do dumb things on these sites, and there are some very real privacy concerns--particularly on Facebook and with Twitpics--that you should pay attention to. But I'm really grateful for Twitter and Facebook and especially for my friends and the chance to spend time with them.

If you have friends you haven't talked to in a while, maybe today would be a good day to reach out to them?

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  1. You said it so well, Wilsie ~ I really like your new blog!