Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to My World

I've been wanting my very own blog for ages, but I had to wait until the time was right, so I'm really excited to finally get started and hope you like it! I live in the United States, just outside Atlanta, Georgia, which is in the southeastern part of the country, with my (human) mom and dad and six bear brothers: Hope (pronounced "hoppy"), Pete, Jackson, Snowflake, Chaucer, and little JJ. Being the only girl bear in the family, I get a lot of attention, which is perfect because I LOVE being admired!

I'm also the spokesbear for the family and plan all the important events, like parties and trips. In fact, my mom and I have been doing quite a lot of traveling recently, and we have another fine vacation coming up next week to one of our favorite places in North Carolina, where this picture was taken:

I'm on the far right, next to Jackson. Hope ("hoppy") is in the middle. Pete is the largest bear, and Snowflake--who really looks up to Pete and loves to spend time with him--is out in front.  Chaucer is proudly perched up high. JJ hadn't arrived yet when this picture was taken, but he's too little to be climbing this high anyway. JJ is tiny and almost the same color as Jackson.

My main job is helping my mom, which, frankly, can be a real pain. Humans are very high maintenance. Fortunately, dad has his own bears (Hope and Pete) because I have my paws full with mom. Jackson helps some with her, but he also watches over all the youngest bears, so I'm the one who deals with mom most of the time.

Jackson is the most spiritual bear in the family. He's a very gentle bear who loves to pray and talk to angels and stuff. He also loves the beauty of nature, like flowers and trees, but Jackson Bear does NOT like getting dirty, so the being in nature part can get a little tricky.

Chaucer loves to read. Books are his favorite thing in the world, so he's pretty self-sufficient, even though he's young. Snowflake, on the other hand, is not a reader. In fact, he rarely even forms complete sentences. But Snowflake is very enthusiastic. He loves watching (American) football with daddy and the big boy bears, so he can jump up and yell, "touchdown" when either team scores. In fact, Snowflake has been known to yell touchdown when he especially likes anything--a television show or silly joke or even a bright color that catches his eye.

Our newest addition to the family is JJ, the youngest and smallest bear of all. JJ looks a lot like Jackson Bear, except much smaller. He doesn't talk at all yet but seems quite content to simply stick close to Jackson.

So we all have our work to do, but I'm the first bear in the family with her own blog, and I'm pretty pleased about that. I hope you will follow my blog and also friend me on Facebook or Twitter (@wilsonbear)! My nickname is Wilsie, by the way, so you can call me either Wislie or Wilson.

Now that you know about my family, maybe you'd like to tell me about yours in the comments below?


  1. Just popped in real quick to say Hi my lil purply bear friend:)

  2. wilsy!!
    the cutest little girl bear I know.
    If I was a bear, I would whisk you away as mine.


  3. Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate you visiting my blog!! (Huntyr, you made me blush...)

  4. Congrats on your new bloggie!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Cosmo Havanese

  5. Oh my, you have a big family of bears! Very nice work putting your blog together - looks great!

    Willow Wiggles

  6. Thanks SO much Diane and Cosmo and Willow! I really appreciate you checking it out and leaving such a nice comment. (This is so exciting for a bear such as myself...)

    Cosmo, I just saw your blog, and it's EXCELLENT!

  7. Hello! What a sweet blog! I have a family of all different critters (dogs, cats, bears, frogs, bunnies, etc.) all made from recycled felted wool sweaters. They act out miniature scenes with storylines. We have a lot of fun over on my blog! Glad to make your acquaintance!